I've been reading books for years—why should I switch to serials?

Why not both? We love books too and won’t ever stop; but sometimes it can be hard to dive into a long novel - will you have time to finish it? Will you have to lug it around, or scroll through 10 thousand pages on your e-reader? If you want to talk to your friend about it, will you have to wait until they are totally finished? Serials make things easy: An episode only takes 40 minutes to read, so you can definitely finish (and feel very accomplished). At only 45-ish pages per episode, you’ll never again feel the dread of seeing “page 15 of 10,765” (which is scary to anyone). And serials give you and your friends easy sign posts for discussion - “What did you think of this week’s episode?” is a much less loaded question than, “Are you done yet?”

If books were movies, than serials would be TV shows. Both are awesome - but one is just a little easier to dive in to.

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